June 15, 2017 (3:48 AM)

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Omar Mañigo presents common issues observed by the party during the enrollment. Photo by Charlotte Billy Sabanal

As students clamored over enrollment mishaps and tuition and other fees increase (TOFI), the Buklurang Atenista (Buklat) organized a students’ consultation to discuss and assess the situation on hand.

The consultation, held at room C506, was attended by Samahan President John Espino, Samahan Secretary-General Via Gonzaga and Buklat members.

Despite general discontent, the lack of general student participation was apparent. Nevertheless, the organizers opted to carry on with the event.

Omar Mañigo from BAHAGHARI presented the information, statistics and sentiments collated from the school administration, student survey, and the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd).

Mañigo presented how 73.7% of the students who took the survey were aptly dissatisfied with the enrollment system. Also, he highlighted the major concerns regarding the enrollment system which included its disorganization, complication and lack of information dissemination.

Mañigo also showed the average increase of TOFI among schools nationwide including Ateneo de Davao University’s tuition increase of Php 61.99 per unit and miscellaneous fee increase of Php 30.90 per unit.

He said how the increases were duly approved by CHEd and initiated by administration due to several reasons: development of facilities, K-12, different management of senior high and college, inflation and operational loss.

Mañigo listed how invalid the said reasons are by quoting the stand of the Kabataan partylist that spoke of how these are not the burden of the students but rather a matter of managing funds given that the school is an earning non-profit organization.

Espino and Gonzaga expressed their take on the issues discussed given that they had a consultation meeting with the Academic Vice President Gina Montalan, University Information Technology Director Fr. Ramon Prudencio Toledo, and University Registrar Atty. Edgar Pascua.

Espino said that the problems encountered during enrollment were due to miscommunication.

“By changing some things in the system and not notifying the community at large the changes, ang nangyayari tuloy naging finger pointing nalang,” Espino said.

Espino added that the Samahan could respond to these issues by having comprehensive meetings with administration and conducting a mock enrollment for the next semester.

Concluding the consultation meet, attendees suggested that the students can hold an in-campus demonstration to pressure administration while Samahan recommended changes on ViewFinder.

A student demonstration on TOFI organized by the League of Filipino Students and Kabataan Partylist will be held at the Freedom Park this Friday afternoon.

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