June 24, 2015 (10:56 AM)

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Photo courtesy of Accountancy Students Executive Council (ASEC)

Photo courtesy of Accountancy Students Executive Council (ASEC)

by Mary Gyle Manuba

The Accountancy-Accounting Technology Griffins, with their loud cheers, bright props and get-ups of their corresponding superheroes, filled up the Martinez Sports Complex (AdDU Matina Campus) last June 19 for their orientation.

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th years represented popular heroes namely Green Lantern, Wolverine, Captain America, Superman and Baymax, respectively, in parallel to the theme, Accountancy Assemble, The 2015 Accountancy Cluster Orientation: Where Heroes Gather for One Important Night.”

Mr. Jenner Chan, School of Business and Governance’s Dean, gave the opening remarks right after the opening prayer, national anthem, Blue Knight song and Jaguar’s dance number. The students applauded as the division’s faculty reigned the stage with their introduction and witty statements.

Recurring and new policies of Accountancy and Accounting Technology were discussed by Mr. Leopoldo Medina, Chair of the Accountancy Department and Ms. Cleofe Arib, who filled up for the absence of Ms. Leonore Loqueloque, Chair of Accounting Technology Department. Questions from students were entertained afterwards.

Ms. Sharmaine Mamaed, AdDU Valedictorian class of 2015, most outstanding Accounting student in the Philippines 2014, summa cum laude and school awardee, proceeded on stage after the Jaguars’ song number to offer an inspirational message to all the graduates-to-be.

Comical dubbed videos from movie clips which were prepared by the batches and which encouraged proper use of facilities, conservation of water and electricity and career opportunities were shown. Modelling of batch shirts, uniforms, what-to-wear and what-not-to-wear on wash day followed.

Mr. Jay Ace Madianda invited the Accounting Technology students to join AACTS (Association of Accounting Technology Students) followed by Ms. Karla Dominique Tiu, who called the Accountancy students to be a part of JPIA (Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants). The said club invitations were supported by the promotional videos.

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