September 26, 2018 (8:18 AM)

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Evangelizing through Art. Bro. Edgardo Hugo Campos, FSF, the artist behind the exhibit “La Sagrada Familia: A Sacred Art Exposition” held yesterday, at the university’s Multipurpose Room, Miguel Pro Learning Commons. Photo by Loraine Rubi

Featuring Argentinian artist Bro. Edgardo Hugo Campos’ mural paintings and other religious artworks focused on the holy family, the ‘La Sagrada Familia: A Sacred Art Exposition’ was launched in the Multipurpose Room, Miguel Pro Learning Commons, which is open for viewing from September 25 to October 25.

Bro. Campos quoted Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium 14 in his exhibit message, saying that his missionary work is evangelizing through art.

“The church grows not by proselytizing, but by attracting… Art has a very special role in this area, creating a church that welcomes people… attracting people to beauty, to harmony,” Bro. Campos said.

When asked what his inspiration was in creating his artworks, Bro. Campos told Atenews that his teacher in art, Bro. Fermin, was his main inspiration, keeping the styles and techniques taught to him.

“My inspiration is my teacher in art… when I was still in Argentina. That was my starting point in art. He was an artist, a painter, and he was the one who appointed me to do this kind of work, and to grow in this kind of art.

“I’m also keeping his style, many of his technique I learned from him. He also worked in church, and he always [appreciated] what they did. He was the one who called me many times to help him in these tasks,” Bro. Campos told Atenews.

The art exposition featured Bro. Campos’ works including his designs featured in the cathedral of the Mary Mediatrix of All Grace Cathedral in Digos City, among others.

University Pres. Fr. Joel E. Tabora, SJ, welcomed Ambassador of the Argentine Republic in the Philippines H.E. José Néstor Ureta and Bro. Campos during the launch program, expressing his gratitude for the 70 years of of relations between Argentina and the Philippines.

“A friendship that is valued in our shared aspirations for the improved welfare of our two countries and the advancement of a more humane humanity through the many things that we do in service of society, but especially, through our shared faith in and our shared devotion to the incarnated Lord,” Fr. Tabora said in his welcome remarks.

Fr. Tabora praised Bro. Campos’ art style, saying that his works entice the people.

“His forms and colors are quiet and personal, enticing the beholder to meditate on, if not, touch the mysteries they represent,” Fr. Tabora commented.

The art expo is in line with the celebration of 70 years of Ateneo de Davao as a Catholic, Filipino, and Jesuit university, along with the 70 years of relations between Argentina and the Philippines.

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