August 15, 2014 (7:58 AM)

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Ateneans gathered at the Roxas Grounds to participate in the 3-part Bonggang Gameshow for the third and last day of the 66th Ateneo Fiesta.

The event started with a warm-up dance in which the hosts chose those students who really danced their hearts out to be given the shirts as prizes.

The first part was entitled “All for One, One for All para tuloy-tuloy sa Jackpot Round”. The game mechanics was very similar to the game, “Bring Me”. Rosary and pink handkerchiefs were some of the things asked to be brought. Five students brought home shirts as prizes for their participation.

“Bonggang pera o mas bonggang bayong” is the second segment of the event. As can be inferred from the title, it is patterned from the very famous, “Pera o Bayong”. Eric John Sagot, an Accountancy student, bagged the prize – headphones — from the bayong of Mr. Lunar Fayloga.

The last segment was likened to “Bet on Your Baby” which was dubbed, “Bet na Bet and Ating Division Reps”. The respective division representatives were tasked to find the bayongs scattered on the Roxas Grounds and their chosen partners must predict how many bayongs the division representatives will find. The Computer Studies, Humanities and Letters, Natural Science and Mathematics, and Social Sciences divisions were the groups who guessed the numbers right and was given prizes.

During the event, the SAMAHAN also sponsored free ice cream, cotton candy and peanuts for the students to enjoy.

End the silence of the gagged!

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