October 22, 2023 (10:57 PM)

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FRESH PAGE. Business and Management Vipers showcased ‘new beginnings’ as an Atenean cannonball experience in the Creative Series: Short Film event of Sadya 2023. Photo by Ryan Nathaniel Balleza

Enacting the ‘cannonball experience’ in film, the Business and Management (B&M) Vipers topped this year’s SADYA Creative Series: Short Film entitled “Ctrl + N” entry “Your Power to Create a Fresh Page in Your Story.”

In an interview with Atenews, the cluster’s short film director, Christian Dominique Piñero, shared his insights about what Ctrl + N means to him. 

“Ctrl + N means to me new beginnings, especially on the keyboard; if you press it, it pops up a new browser, but it does not mean that you forget all the recent searches or the history of the past browsers,” Piñero told Atenews.

Lead actress Joie Noreen expressed that although she cannot relate with her character who wants to shift college programs, she can relate to the uncertainty and pressure of choosing your course.

“…perhaps it [shifting] isn’t a canon event, but we know that for some– if not most– that this is a cannonball experience,” she told Atenews. 

Garces also recalled the experiences while making the film and the journey behind the scenes, relating it to St. Ignatian’s “cannonball experience.”

“Late nights out for filming, screaming in Canisius hall, duplicating AdDU’s shifting form, crew meetings at SO8, throwing papers at the gazebo– pretty much sum up my short film (acting and writing) experience. Maybe the cannonball experience was me saying yes to the offer of writing for the film and then suddenly acting for one of the main roles in it.”

Aside from the champions, the School of Engineering and Architecture Tigers paved their way to first-runner-up with their entry “Duyog,” and the Computer Studies was hailed the competition’s second-runner-up with their entry “Leashed.”

The entries for the Sadya ’23: Creative Series: Short Film premiered at Bapa Benny Tudtud Auditorium last Friday, October 13, 2023.

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