September 28, 2017 (1:30 PM)

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In an effort to assist  their fellow Business and Management students, graduating B&M students of Ateneo de Davao University joint force in organizing Stress Management in a Sales Career, a Sales Management Seminar held last September 26, 2017 at 3/F Ricci Hall, Community Center.

The Stress Management Seminar was led by Mr. Albryn B. Catalan, a Davao-based businessman famous in the Multi-Level Marketing industry.

Laying down the seminar’s main groundwork, Catalan introduced to the crowd the concept of Battle for the Mind, a strategic marketing classic that takes advantage of the powers of both names and branding in monopolizing your desired market of choice.

“So, paano mo i-win ang mga tao na when it comes—pagdating sa product mo eh walang lalabas na ibang product [sa isipan nila] kundi product mo lang? Tama? So, try to use your common sense on how to market your product [properly] na dito pa lang, wala na, [you’ve already won their subconscious].” Catalan said.

In dealing with stress, Catalan emphasized these two techniques: First, changing one’s attitude and second, changing one’s behavior. Furthermore, the speaker meticulously discussed the ABCs on how to deal with Sales Stress.

The seminar has turned into an interactive forum as the main speaker provided a stress ball made of old tabloid pages for the audience to pass around during the entire length of the talk; with the instruction that whoever is clutching the ball the moment a question is thrown would be the one to answer it.

Various exercises in need of student participation were also given to the participants to further instill in them the different concepts discussed.


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