August 16, 2014 (9:58 AM)

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The Business & Management Vipers reigned supreme once again as they bagged their second championship title in the highly anticipated Sayawtenista competition on the last night of the 66th Ateneo Fiesta. The Fr. Martinez Sports Complex was filled with Ateneans and family members of contestants. Faculty members were also present to witness the event.

“Siguro, mao nang nidaghan kay free siya, wala man gud ni ticket unlike the previous year” (I think we are crowded because it’s free, there is no need for a ticket unlike the previous year), a 3rd year Computer Studies student said in an interview with Atenews.

For this year, the theme was “Around the World in 9 Dances”, where each of the divisions represented a country. Egypt, China, Spain, Philippines, USA, Brazil, India, Malaysia, and Mongolia were among the countries that were chosen.

The participants were judged according to the following criteria: Choreography (40%), Country Representation (25%), Production Design (20%), and Showmanship (15%).

Several dances featured unique performances. Some incorporated drama and a storyline that the audience would follow while others went straight to performing traditional dances from the country they were representing.

The performers from the School of Nursing shocked the audience as they brought a live snake in their Indian-inspired performance.

In the end, the BM Vipers outperformed eight other contestants as they defied gravity by climbing up on tall bamboo sticks in showcasing a traditional dance of Malaysia.

Aside from being the Sayawtenista 2014 champion, the BM Vipers also bagged the liveliest dance and most colorful dance awards. The NSM Falcons, who represented the Philippines with a dramatic dance performance, placed 1st runner up. The Social Sciences Dragons came in as 2nd runner up, representing Brazil with their interpretation of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval.

The event also featured intermission numbers by the Group Dance Showdown 2014 champions coming from the Accountancy cluster and the Star Search 2014 champion, Frances Avergonzado of the NSM Falcons.

End the silence of the gagged!

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