July 27, 2014 (10:33 AM)

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Written by: Karen Joyce Du
Edited by: Iris Coleen Mariscotes

Bright neon lights shined all throughout the Martinez Sports Complex as the Business and Management division celebrated a galaxy- themed orientation night last June 20, 2014. The event was opened by hosts Bianca Quimpo and Gino Hesuro, with Kenneth Villegas and Siesta Pagadpad representing them in the field.

The night started on a high note, both literally and figuratively, as representatives of the BM Voices serenaded the audience with a soulful singing performance. A dance performance soon followed, energizing the crowd.

The department head, Arlene Cosape, made an opening speech, encouraging the students to avoid futility, prioritize academics and to be a person for others. She also introduced the five different departments under the Business and Management division.

The Marketing department, headed by Ms. JM Tingson, presented an introduction about the program through a short video clip. Different activities and opportunities were discussed, such as the state of global marketing, among others.

Sir Jeffrey Gomez of the Entrepreneurship department shared to the audience about how fun and exciting entrepreneurship can be with a short talk regarding the possibilities that await Entrepreneurship students.

“We want you to become entrepreneurs; the future boss,” Gomez said.
Marieta Pamapangga, head of the Finance department, elaborated about what the Finance program can offer prospective students. “In finance, you can choose to become a big time employee or businessman,” Pampangga said.

Lastly, Jenner Chan, representing the Business and Management and Human Resource programs, explained why many people chose courses under the programs. An informative speech about the enrollment policy was also clarified.

The different clubs under the Business and Management division presented introductory videos about their organizations. These included the Ateneo Marketing Club, the Ateneo Human Resource Society, the Ateneo Society of Management Students, the Junior Finance Executives, and the Young Entrepreneur Society.

The B&M Student Executive Council representative, Jeos Earl Casilac, also spoke during the event, vowing to support the students and encouraging them to be part of this year’s activities.

The most exciting part was the launching of this year’s B&M apparel that showcased shirt designs worn by models from the B&M department. The B&M Nightingales, not to be outshined, also showed off their modeling skills.

The event allowed the students to know more about the division and learn insights from the speakers. More importantly, they were also exposed to the various opportunities that might come their way as students of the Business and Management division. It was truly a night of breaking boundaries.

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