September 15, 2018 (3:24 PM)

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Members from the student organizations of Atenews, Blue Bridge, Pulsong Atenista, SAMAHAN together with the UCEAC gather last Friday, September 14, to discuss plans for the upcoming Blue Vote 2019. Photo by Maxine Lumbera

With the 2019 national and local elections fast approaching, ‘Blue Vote 2019’ held its first coordination meeting to spread awareness of the electoral system and smart voting in the University Community Engagement and Advocacy Council (UCEAC) Training Room last Friday.

Blue Vote continues its program under UCEAC through information drives, political education, seminars and training, and other mechanisms.

Mr. Renz Allan Lacorte, Junior Administrative Secretary of the SAMAHAN, stated Blue Vote aims to heighten awareness and education to the students, to the university, and outside communities about their rights to vote.

“We highlight that the Blue Vote is non-partisan, we are not giving limelight to a certain candidate. However, we would like to tell and educate the voters that you should vote critically,” he stressed.

Mr. Mark Paul “Macoy” Samante, UCEAC chairperson, shared there was an agreement with Davao Association of Catholic Schools (DACS) that Blue Vote will be in-charge in facilitating seminars for first-time voters.

“DACS is bigger in terms of scope but we have the resources in the Blue Vote that is why they are coordinating with us to deliver these programs with them,” he said.

This year, the program is partnered with the SAMAHAN Central Board as the Blue Vote 2019 expand its reach and network and strengthen its relevance to both Senior High School and College students.

The program is supported by the Office of the President, with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) as its main external arm. Organizations involved are the College unit’s Student Executive Council (SEC), Campus Club Organization (CCO), General Assembly of Class Presidents (GACP) and the Atenews, as well as Senior High School unit’s Pulsong Atenista and The Blue Bridge.

“The goal is to help these voters to choose critically and to provide them the realization that their votes are vital in nation-building and national sustainable development,” Lacorte said.

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