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Unregistered voters, both from Ateneo de Davao University and from outside the school, flooded the ground floor of the Community Center of the First Companions last July 29 to register for the upcoming May 2016 elections through a satellite registration process.

The said satellite registration is just one of the many events promoting the approaching elections.

Janahvil Orozco, a registrant, said the process was smooth and convenient.

“I’m really glad that this event was pushed through. The satellite election booth is really comfortable as it provides us with an alternative to the very busy COMELEC center near Magsaysay Park,” she said.

However, not everyone present was able to register at the school because of some technical difficulties, such as insufficient number of personnel to handle the biometrics process to validate the identities of voters. As a result, people from District 1 were asked to ride a bus going to Magsaysay Park and register there instead.

Martin Fullido, who was one of those from District one that was asked to ride the bus to Magsaysay Park, said the process was less convenient but still tolerable.

“Puno-puno ang rides pero dili man guot. Abi nako madugay pero mga 30-40 minutes lang man ko naglinya didto,” he said.

People from Districts 2 and 3, however, were accommodated and able to register at the Community Center.

The COMELEC satellite registration in the university is just one of the many satellite booths that will be established in Davao to cater interested voters who want to register themselves.

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