February 20, 2015 (6:01 AM)

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Ateneo’s aspiring filmmakers and movie buffs gathered at the Roxas Grounds last Wednesday, February 18, for the 2015 Sinetenista. The event, which featured short films created by students from around the university, was part of the roster of activities for the College Days 2015.

Originally, only one entry per division was allowed, but the mechanics were changed so that all bona fide Ateneo de Davao University students were allowed to submit their entries.

During the event, a total of 6 entries of short films were presented. The minimum length for each short film entry was 5 minutes while the maximum was 15 minutes. Film genres that were showcased included comedy, drama, friendship, and romance.

The films that were presented were ”Change My Something”, “Unexpected”, “Treesome”, “Friendship”, “Almost” and “Lutigaw”.

“Change My Something” is about a gay man who keeps his homosexuality from his father while entering into a relationship with another man who is seemingly devoted to him, while “Unexpected” tells a story of a boy and a girl with different interests unexpectedly meeting at a coffee shop.

“Treesome” is about two childhood friends who planted a seedling together in their youth, and would constantly spend time together at the area where the tree was planted over the years as they grew up together. “Friendship” tells a story of a bullied deaf-mute girl who has aspirations of becoming a musician, and the friend that has always been with her all throughout.

“Almost” is a tale about a student developing a romantic interest for her professor, with the latter not being able to reciprocate those feelings. The last film, “Lutigaw”, is about a depressed and suicidal student who is constantly being cyberbullied due to the fact that she works as a prostitute

The results of the competition will be announce on Saturday.

During the screening, the Ateneo Film Circle also gave out free Gaisano Mall movie passes to members of the audience who were able to answer their film-related trivia questions.

Marlon Tabanao, Jr., the Ateneo Film Circle president was pleased with the overall result of the activity.

“We didn’t expect for it to be this successful, to have six entries at the last minute, and then especially right now na hindi mapuno iyung Roxas grounds because it was class hours. And then we were so happy to see karami din ang nagparticipate and we’re just really thankful na it was successful despite all the last minute changes and all the problems,” Tabanao said.

Tabanao also endorsed the upcoming business-related films that will be premiered during Business Week on February 23, 28 and 29. He added that the Ateneo Film Circle holds film viewings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at AVR-D that it is open to all students.

The event was sponsored by Jelly Citea, Jade Bookstore and Davao New Star Corporation. The organizers were the Ateneo Film Circle in partnership with ARETE, SINIKOM, SAMAHAN and the SAMAHAN Creative team.

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