August 17, 2012 (1:41 AM)

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11 by 5 meters of pure color and creativity hanged from the 7th to 5th floor of Finster Building last Tuesday. 9 divisions battled each other’s creative juices out for the college fiesta’s banner making contest. Starting last July 29, each division was allowed to gather 8-10 students and 2 faculty members to formulate and materialize a banner related to the fiesta’s theme: “Inang Maria, Gabay sa Paghubog ng Mabuting Pinuno Para sa Bayan.” They were given 2 Sundays, a Thursday or a Friday and the deadline, August 12, to finish their banners.

Last August 12, groups of different divisions were scattered along the campus finishing up their respective banners. Paint gushed through every masterpiece. Colors were bursting and shining. Every emotion was materialized. Different varieties of representations of our beloved Mother Mary were filling up the majority of the banners. Each division shared their own profound ingenuity.

“Mother Mary moulds the leader here. She wraps him with the flag of the Philippines to guide him. We represent the church with the stained glass up there,” said Mitch Mariano while painting with 8 other Accountancy students.

The banners were judged based on creativity, craftsmanship, relevance to the theme and overall impact. On the night of the Sayawtenista, from the judging of Mr. Ryan Fuentes, Mr. Philip Santos and Mr. Jenny Capindo, the winners were drawn.

The School of Education was pronounced winner of the event. Coming in second was the Computer Studies division and third was the Business Management division. However, for most divisions, the results didn’t matter. They said they had fun unleashing their creativity and that’s what matters. For them, it’s a win-win situation.

End the silence of the gagged!

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