September 23, 2017 (1:44 PM)

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Photo from Bahaghari’s poster.

During the celebration of Meliora Month, Bahaghari set up a week-long gallery which showcased the artworks from its club partners like the Ateneo Photographers’ Society (APS), Ateneo AFS Club, and ArtCo last Sept. 18-22 at the Arruper Hall.

“Sensitivity to Diversity” aims to educate the youth and spread awareness on the inclusion of different cultures and group of individuals in the society.

Part of the week-long celebration is to disseminate Bahaghari’s advocacies and also to engage in a fruitful exchange of ideas from the members of Bahaghari to other organizations and students of Ateneo.

“The event was made possible with the motivation we get from Davao Autism Intervention Foundation Center Inc. From the teachers who have inspired us to be accepting of the difference of others,” Bahaghari Secretary-General Alex Christian Namoca stressed.


Photo and Art Exhibit

On Wednesday, September 18, photos of different cultural groups and sectors of society were showcased for public viewing at the Arrupe Hall.

“Ateneo has always aimed to be men and women for others. How can you be of help to other people if you cannot even be sensitive to these people who needed to be understood? That’s why there’s an event like this because Ateneans are capable of or should be capable of being men and women for others,” Bahaghari President Melika Eizadfar said.

The exhibit showed artworks from ArtCo, sharing a lens of thoughts from a person with autism. Moreover, photos captured by members of APS, which conveyed a message of acceptance for the different cultures, group of people, and individuals were showed at the exhibit.


Sensitivity to Diversity

On Friday, Sept. 19, speakers from different sectors expressed their thoughts on diversity and the acceptance of the different cultures all coexisting in one society.

The program started with a prayer and went on with the introduction of speakers. Bahaghari shared their advocacy and gave an opening remark.

“As men and women for others, it is imperative that we should embody our principle simply because we’re Ateneans and we were molded to do so. Holding such events in the university culminates the things that the Ateneo Formation wants us to become. Through these social activities, we are not only learning these principles by mind and heart, but also by practice,” Eizadfar said.


Lunar Asks

Lunar Tan Fayloga, head of Theology department, entertained the crowd with his witty anecdotes as they went along the discussion. The partner of the event from Davao Autism Intervention Foundation Center, Inc. was glad to participate in the program.

Lou Millares, the president of Libulan Circle, and Jorjani Sinsuat, a representative of Salam, both shared their views on diversity from their respective sectors.

“The program and forum sessions will end at September 22. However, the whole event will come to an end on September 29 after our raffle draw,” Eizadfar stressed.

The amount collected for the event’s raffle draw will be donated to Davao Autism Intervention Foundation Center, Inc.

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