The pandemic is sinking Davao’s businesses—and it might be difficult to recover

Half-awake, but still sleeping. What was once the empty gray streets for the city of Davao have slowly come alive for the revival of what has been. Certain businesses have now reopened, the installed wide, silver doors now propped up in the ceiling. Silhouettes of... Read More

Katherine Ann Doncila July 8, 2020
  • Cruising through the ‘new norm’ in AdDU’s online learning

    With a bowl of steamy pancit canton, I dutifully fixed my eyes to the rectangular glowing device housing the presentation currently displayed on the screen. All the while, the device looped outside the shell of my ears delivered an enthusiastic voice in sync to the slide...Read More

  • Of fleeting reveries and cloaked realities

    Firecrackers of different shades filled the black sky of the arena, screaming their announcement with a bang to begin the tournament. The diverse audience who filled the showground was buzzing with excitement and happiness. Eyes glazed with pride and glee for their nation, the cheering...Read More

  • “Meme-fied”: Humor despite teething troubles

    During her nightly commutes, Angie’s best friend would usually be her handy dandy rectangular device. Staying up late the night before, sleep now threatened to capture her resolve. Her eyelids were beginning to droop, a yawn escaping her lips. Still, she had to manage the...Read More

  • Chasing half-baked dreams

    Orange hues protruded against the midnight sky, signaling the coming of dawn. A lithe figure was mixing batter from a big casserole– right hand going on about a circular motion, the left grasping the outer lid of the bowl tightly. Slowly, solid lumps began to...Read More