November 22, 2016 (12:50 PM)

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Students and administrators against the secretive Marcos burial. Photo by Alexis Matthew Reyes

Students and administrators against the secretive Marcos burial. Photo by Alexis Matthew Reyes

Students and administrators protest against the secretive Marcos burial. Photo by Alexis Matthew Reyes

As a memorial tribute to the victims during Martial Law and in light of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ burial, Ateneans gathered in front of the Roxas gate to light candles and commune in prayer last Nov. 21.

The event was open to everyone and was attended by students, faculty, and Martial Law victims, such as poet-activist Don Pagusara.

A peaceful protest followed the prayer where student leaders from Ateneo de Davao (AdDU) and University of the Philippines – Mindanao (UP-Min) expressed the sentiments of their respective schools and organizations.

Jamie Therese Gundaya of Pulos of UP-Min, expressed her assent to AdDU’s efforts.

“It’s very good that the Ateneo community is speaking up because a lot of the students have been mentioning that Ateneo [de Davao] has been uncharacteristically silent about this. Ateneo has been known to be speaking against the Marcos regime ever since the ‘70s and ‘80s, so it’s really good that the Ateneans are stepping forward,” Gundaya shared

Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) National Chairperson Khryzza Mae Pinzon shared the relevance of the ceremonial candle lighting event.

“First, this is to remind ourselves that the fight for justice for martial law victims is not done yet. It’s now passed to us, the youth, to continually educate the next generations otherwise mabalik-balik ra ta ani. Second, it shows that Ateneo de Davao University is not apathetic to the injustices committed in history,” Pinzon stated.

Theology Department Chairperson Lunar Fayloga stressed the importance of finding truth in history during his closing message for the event.

“I think ang challenge is to know our history. Know your history well because in finding the truth about our history we are able to do better. Hinaot unta matudluan ninyo ang inyong fellow millennials. Gilubong si Marcos pero never ever gilubong ang tinuod na nahitabo tung martial law.”

The event was a collaborative effort of SCAP, Piglasapat, Buklat, Bahaghari, Atenews, UP Pulos, SAMAHAN, Buklod Atenista, executive councils of different school divisions, SAMAHAN Welfare, SALEM, Reachers Club, Ateneo Film Circle, Ateneo Filipino-Chinese Community and Christ for Youth Action.

Throughout the activity, the Ateneo community confirmed its stance that it will never concede to Ferdinand Marcos being hailed as a hero and it continues to demand justice for the victims of his dictatorship.

As a continuation of the activity, students are encouraged to wear black this Wednesday in order to identify themselves as one in protest against the controversial burial.

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