August 17, 2012 (8:14 AM)

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It’s time to give back a little of what we have, as Ateneo de Davao University hosted Children’s Hour during the 64th Ateneo Fiesta last August 16 at the Thibault Grounds.

The said event was participated by street and working children in Davao City. The program was headed by the Samahan Central Board in partnership with Civic Social Service Development Office (CSSDO) and the Theology Division.

“We don’t want that the fiesta would just be the socials but also sending our little share to the children,” said Lunar Fayloga, Samahan Moderator.

The volunteers from different courses, welcomed the children with excitement, enthusiasm and joy. The opening remarks was delivered by the Samahan Central Board President, Maureene Ann Villamor. After which, followed the parlor games brought by the Ponjee. The excitement heated up as Spongebob arrived at the venue, playing and dancing with the children. After the funfilled game, the feast for the children succeeded.

“As a volunteer, it’s a heart warming experience to be with the children. It is also an awareness and realization to value the blessings that we have because there are kids who cant even eat three times a day,” said Kem Funa, a third year AB Political Science volunteer.

Lilibeth Ortilano, a street educator and a CSSDO member expressed her deep gratitude to the said event.

“This event is of great help to us and we are so thankful. It helps the children to be exposed to the crowd and socialize with their fellow street and working children which is also part of the objectives of the organization,” Ortilano said.

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