September 13, 2013 (3:45 PM)

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The Ateneo community, together with people from all walks of life, gathered around the Roxas Grounds to partake in an interfaith prayer last September 13 for the current crisis happening in Zamboanga City.

Together with the Lumads, Muslims and other religious sectors, they offered their sincerest prayers for the victims of the said crisis.

“War is not a way to peace,” SAMAHAN Central Board Pres
ident Robin Tongua said as he delivered SAMAHAN’s official statement of condemning the killings and the grieving situation in Zamboanga.

“Peace calls for a greater effort from us citizens,” University President Fr. Joel Tabora shared during the event.

SAMAHAN Moderator Lunar Fayloga said that this event was made for the Ateneo Community to show their desire for peace in the country.

Fayloga added that “we need to keep our faith together and pray hard for this ordeal to end.”

“We need to have an expansion of prayer, for an expansion of heart will follow,” Fayloga concluded.

End the silence of the gagged!

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