August 15, 2012 (7:20 AM)

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The 15th of August marked the way for Ateneans and faculty members to embrace the sizzling hot rays of the sun as they marched on along with their eye-catching outfits and props in line for the celebration of the 64th Ateneo College Fiesta.

The Ateneo community flocked near the San Pedro Cathedral right after the mass at 9 am. Loud voices and cheers greeted the by-standers and passengers all the way to Ateneo campus at Jacinto extension.

There were ten stunning shirts that ruled and filled the streets. First of were the students from the Philosophy Department with smiles on their faces and cheers as they proudly wore their department shirts.

The Natural Sciences and Mathematics Department made a cultural movement as they traveled back in time with their clothes, costumes and vibrant masks in a Renaissance masquerade.

The venomous snakes commonly known as the Vipers were represented by the students from the Business and Management Department who walked with the dazzling golden pyramid and ancient-inspired Egyptian costumes. From Pharaoh to Cleopatra, they were truly like Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Making the parade more interesting was the awesome fire performance representing the Social Sciences Department. The dancers grooved with the sound of the crowd as they twirled the ropes with balls of fire. Elegant Chinese dresses and fierce dragons were also showcased in accordance with their theme, Oriental Chinese.

Next in line were the high-spirited students from the Computer Studies Department who empowered the streets through the different classical elements per year level. Claiming the power within them, it was like all the magical powers of fire, water, earth and air were in unity.

Heading the blissful students from the School of Nursing was a couple in afro and retro look. Their faces were filled with merriment and a participative aura for the fiesta.

The future engineers and architects were dressed as undead creatures as their undying talent and ability reigned. With all the haunting pumpkins and scarecrows, creative headbands of playing cards and knives, bloody outfits and scary appearances, the School of Engineering and Architecture made a creepy jump to Halloween.

It was like sharks in 4D as the students under the School of Education parade lived by the quote found on their shirts, “We have sharp plans to shape one’s future.”

Angels in multi-colored wings landed on earth for the Humanities and Letters Department. The participants are indeed in character as they walked like they were in a Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show.

Adding vibrancy and gaiety were the students from the Accountancy department who featured the different festivals in the country, featuring Panagbenga festival of Baguio, Higantes festival of Angono, Rizal, Caracol Festival of Makati and Masskara festival of Bacolod. Each of the participants was dressed with rich colors and cheering with delight.

Attentively minding the safety of everybody was the Ateneo Student Security Force team that also took charge to avoid the delay.

This 2012’s opening of the 64th Ateneo fiesta with the theme: “Inang Maria, Gabay sa Paghubog ng Mabuting Pinuno para sa Bayan” was a bundle of culture and a creative means of uniting the entire Ateneo College Community.


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