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IN TUITION. Survey conducted by the SAMAHAN Research & Development department shows dissatisfied ratings from the university students on the tuition rates as AdDU shifts online. Photo by Jeni Anne Rosario

Most college students of AdDU are not satisfied with the tuition fees, a recent survey by the SAMAHAN Research & Development department said Tuesday night.

Earning the lowest rating overall in the survey, ‘Tuition’ tallied 2.65 points in the 7-point Bipolar scale system, falling under ‘mostly dissatisfied’.

It is also the lowest rated category in per cluster rating, falling under ‘mostly dissatisfied’ and ‘somewhat dissatisfied’.

Some clusters explicitly stated that the tuition fee is “too high” and should be reduced, for the students have no access to the facilities of the university.

Online classes satisfaction assessment 

With the grading system, students are ‘neither satisfied nor dissatisfied’ with 3.99 points.

All clusters said that formative assessments should have a bearing to the final grade.

In terms of the preparedness of professors, students are ‘somewhat satisfied’ with 4.54 points.

Professors must record their lectures and give tasks only during their time schedule, some clusters expressed.

Students are ‘neither satisfied nor dissatisfied’ with the preparedness of the university at 4 points.

Majority of the clusters said there must be a uniform online learning platform to be used.

With regards to overall satisfaction, students are ‘somewhat satisfied’ with 4.47 points.

Students are ‘somewhat satisfied’ with the responsiveness of offices and student government with 5.19 points, the highest rating obtained both overall and per cluster rating.

The said department conducted the survey from July 23 to August 3 via online with 511 student respondents.

Carlos Gue, the director of the said department, said that the conduct of the survey drew motivation from when Fr. Ulysses Cabayao, Assistant to the Academic Vice President for Online Education asked students to give their own suggestions on how online classes can be improved and how other concerns can be properly addressed during the 2nd SAMAHAN Townhall Conversation.

Prompted by complaints from students, the research findings hope to provide information to the concerned offices and guide interventions.

“Ang study is sana magamit ng SAMAHAN or mga Student Executive Councils sa dialogue,” he added.

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