February 26, 2014 (12:16 PM)

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The Sinetenista 2014 Screening transpired on February 21, 2014 during activity period at AVR C and D. The short films created by Ateneans were shown one after the other.

The entries are Alaala by Karina Mara Tanjili, Kinstugi by Anju de Vera, Sister by Sheridene Royeca, Hugaw by Vanessa Madrazo, Diwata by Shievar Olegario, Price by Dharyl Castaneda and Brian Revil, Habambuhay by Matthew Jaravelo, Lost by Cheska Maye Golez, Inside by Karen Monterde and Wishfish by Jefford Ray Mamacus.

Alaala was about a boy who reminisced about the memories he shared with the girl he loved and the girl who lost her life to save his. Diwata portrayed the fantasies of a boy about a girl who claims that she is a “diwata.”

Habambuhay, on the other hand, is a thriller or horror film about a girl who is being haunted by a ghost. Hugaw shows the flow of conversation in a support group by which all members suffer from HIV.

Inside is about a boy who struggles daily on his homosexuality while Kinstugi (the art of breaking) displays the suffering of a boy due to a past experience about losing his mother at a young age.

The last four entries were not screened due to time constraint. Tickets were sold for 20 pesos.

End the silence of the gagged!

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