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MAGIS. The Arrupe Office of Social Formation (AOSF) reunites the volunteers from the Ateneo Student Exposure Program (ASEP), Social Involvement Coordinating Office (SICO), and Volunteers and Leaders Organizing and Formation Program (VOLO) through the Magis Life: Arrupe Volunteers’ Reunion at the Bapa Benny Tudtud Auditorium last Saturday, December 17. Photo by Joeshua Dequina

Producing leaders fighting for social justice for half a century already, the Arrupe Office of Social Formation (AOSF) reconnected the long history of Arrupe volunteers through their first reunion, the “Magis Life: Arrupe Volunteers’ Reunion.”  

The evolutions of Arrupe volunteer organizations, the Ateneo Student Exposure Program (ASEP), Social Involvement Coordinating Office (SICO), and Volunteers and Leaders Organizing and Formation Program (VOLO), convened together to reminisce the purpose and tradition of their cause.

AOSF Director Agnes Sagaral noted that this celebration is more for the reason of “getting reconnected and exchanging stories of where they are right now,” especially on how the formation impacted their respective personal and professional lives.

She also noted that the formative sessions and immersive experiences have helped extend the years of servant leadership, where service is anchored on “faith that does justice.”

Batch 48’s Nika Pareja expressed that to keep the tradition alive, they have been embodying the mission of their different community partners and forming the now, where they want to instill social justice and the common good. 

“Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) is not just an institution with intellect formation but with also spiritual and social formation, a very much important aspect in the industry in the future,” she told Atenews.

Pareja also shared that the ‘secret’ for the longstanding history is the “passion for service.”

“Madaming tao here in the university would really love to serve for others to continue the ASF and NSTP classes who went to volunteering and giving service to others even after that NSTP graduation,” Pareja said. 

For Batch 45’s Regine Cerbolles, she felt nostalgic as she got to reminisce about the experiences she had.

“I hope they [Arrupe volunteers] enjoy, and I hope they find God in all things because [if] they will volunteer for ASEP or any kind of organization, they should have this willingness in their hearts and the meaning in everything that they do,” she said.

Sagaral also urges the generations of volunteers and the upcoming ones always to choose the peripheries, be in solidarity with those who have no voices, and continue to  “fall in love, stay in love because it will decide everything.”

All proceeds of the event will be yielded to AOSF’s partner communities, namely, Obu-Manuvu Women Highlander Association, Foundation of Balay Pasilungan, Inc., and Mindanao Children’s Library Foundation, Inc.

The gathering was held on December 17 at Bapa Benny Tudtud Auditorium, AdDU Jacinto Campus.

To be part of the golden batch of Arrupe volunteers, apply through this link.

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