February 23, 2017 (12:31 PM)

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Taken from the official Facebook page of ADDU SAMAHAN

In line with the celebration of the Festival of Excellence College Days, the Ateneo Religious Organizations (ARO) held a praise fest yesterday, Feb. 22 at Room F213.

The event, entitled “Give Thanks: Praise Fest”, is an activity where students could unwind through spiritual enrichments, ARO President Jay Vanne Bataller said.

“Give Thanks Praise Fest is an activity wherein students will go to the venue to celebrate what they have overcome –all their struggles, their studies, their academic endeavors, their personal and family problems, and all the problems they have overcome,” Bataller said.

The praise fest featured a series of events –Praise and Worship, a Bible quiz show, and a Jam Session by the Subdominant 7.

Bataller emphasized the importance of spiritually unwinding through each event.

“The Bible Quiz Show is a preliminary activity where students will bond, and have camaraderie and friendship throughout the Ateneo.

The Jam Session is inspired by the experiences and struggles, and the prayers of the students,” Bataller said.

The Subdominant 7 also highlighted stories of different struggles in their Jam Session.

Campus Liturgical Ministries (CLM) Member Joven Odan expressed his sentiments regarding the said event.

“Meaningful ang Praise Fest sa akoa, though it was unusual because it’s not the same sa mga gina-attenan ko na celebrations, pero naa siya impact sa akoa.

Mafeel mo yung mga tao doon na nag-uumapaw sa pasasalamat and it made me realize yung mga bagay na pasalamatan ko especially sa struggles,” he said.

The said event was celebrated also in accordance to this year’s College Days Theme, “Ateneans Celebrating Excellence: An Integration of Academics, Spirituality, and Social Engagement Towards a Transformative Culture and the Arts.”

Also on the same day, the UTAKAN Spelling Bee was held at J301.

The College Days is a weeklong series of events. Tomorrow, there will be a Quiz Bowl and College Days Awarding, the Bahandi Red Carpet, Cultural Ball, and the Sadsad Mindanao.

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