November 18, 2014 (10:51 AM)

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The American Library promulgated information regarding international studies and culture shock in a forum entitled, “Forum on Dealing with Culture Shock,” during the activity period yesterday.

Resource speaker, Mr. Christian Pasion, an alumnus of the Philippine Global Undergraduate Exchange Program used his experiences as an exchange student to tackle the topic of studying abroad and adjusting to an unfamiliar culture.

“I echoed today about dealing with culture shock because, usually, Filipinos associate culture shock with discrimination, but it’s beyond that,” he said.

He also pointed out the benefits of being an international exchange student.

“The pleasure of being an international exchange student is getting education from others,” he quoted.

Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) American Corner, in coordination with Thomas Jefferson Information Center U.S. Embassy, Manila, organized the forum as they celebrate the 15th anniversary of the International Education Week.

Ms. Nova Manzo, American Corner Reference Librarian, said that they did this program to inform the students, especially those who want to study in the U.S. or in any other country, about the process in applying to different programs and culture shock.

“This event is an avenue for them to know where to apply, whom to ask, especially, the American Corner is also a student advising center,” she said.

Library Science students of Holy Cross of Davao College, International Studies and Foreign students from AdDU attended the said event.

When asked about her sentiments, Melody, a foreign student from Brunei taking up Computer Science, said, “I really learned that being a scholar in another country, it really is a must to be strong willed, and to be tough because being a foreigner in a foreign country, we will face discrimination.”

Nonetheless, she also expressed that she did not feel any discrimination in AdDU because her friends understood her situation.

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