July 22, 2018 (9:26 AM)

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Mass communication students and other interested participants engaged in a series of workshops with prominent journalists in the city as resource speakers.

Organized by American Corner, in partnership with Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral ng Sining at Komunikasyon (SINIKOM), the Civil Society Certification (CSC) series of workshops runs every Saturday, 9 AM to 11 PM, from July 7-28, at the American Library, 2nd floor Wieman Building.

“In the program, there will be four certification workshops. For the last two Saturdays, we have the digital photography workshop. It was given by Sir Gian Tancontian of the iComms.

“The second workshop was the videography workshop. It was facilitated by Sir Derf Maiz, the head of the social communications of the Holy Cross of Davao College, and at the same time, he’s also connected with GMA and ByahengDo30,” Fretzie Fajardo, director of libraries of the university, said.

ABS-CBN TV reporter Vina Araneta-Pilapil, an alumna of Ateneo de Davao University and a former professor of mass communication, shared her expertise in journalism, mainly in scriptwriting and TV broadcasting last July 21, 2018.

The well-known local broadcaster also discussed the implications of digital technology in traditional journalism and the rising of convergence journalism.

When asked how the workshop went, Araneta-Pilapil found the event significant and enjoyable.

“I miss teaching, so this is actually an opportunity to teach again and putting my knowledge to mass communication students—not only to mass communication students but also other students who are interested in writing,” Araneta-Pilapil told Atenews, adding that sharing her skills may help the students in their campaigns or advocacies.

Rebekah Gail Celis, current president of SINIKOM, shared that the journalism workshop by Araneta-Pilapil was enriching.

“What was taught here today was not just about basic journalism. It was about how to handle real-life situations for journalists and those who aspired to be journalists,” Celis stressed.

On July 28, the next workshop is about social media campaign, which will be facilitated by Derf Maiz again.

The series will then culminate on August 6. Students who attended any of the workshops will receive certificates of participation, while those who finished all four workshops will be given an additional certificate of completion.

CSC is a program of the American Spaces Philippines implemented by the American Corners in the Philippines. There are 14 American Corners in the Philippines and one is American Corner Davao.

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