September 17, 2015 (2:42 PM)

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The doors to international student exchanges were opened once again as AIESEC held their annual Outgoing Exchange Program last Sept. 14 at the Thibault Hall.

AIESEC is offering both their global community development program (GCDP) and global internship program (GIP) to aspiring participants.

The GCDP program, which is more on volunteer work, will immerse participants in communities and engage them in programs about their culture and different diversities, among other activities. The GIP program, on the other hand, focuses more on professional work and is inclusive of salary for the volunteers.

AIESEC is present in 125 countries all over the world and offers a wide selection of possible destinations ranging from countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and even in America.

Jo Cabotaje, director for trainee nominee partnerships for AIESEC, encouraged students to stop being hesitant in approaching the booth and ask for questions.

“If ever you want to go to countries in Africa, the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, America and Latin America, don’t be afraid to inquire at the booth so that we can help you become an exchange student. You will meet new friends, have international connections, and of course, have fun along the way,” he said.

The AIESEC Exchange Caravan will be held from Sept. 14-18 at the said venue. During the event, they will be promoting their international exchange program to Ateneans and to anyone from age 18-30 who is willing to go through the process.

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