October 1, 2017 (12:34 PM)

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Participants gather for a round of Kamustahan and Palarong Pinoy during the event. Photo courtesy of ARO.

To end the month of September, the Ateneo Religious Organizations (ARO) converged in its annual celebration, KALAKBAY, to celebrate fellowship among the members at the Rodriguez Hall where they showcased the various talents and skills of their constituents.

Games and enjoyment filled the entire afternoon as members were challenged to participate in a Kamustahan session which was followed by a Palarong Pinoy. A mass was held after the games as the members reflected and and shared their bond with God. The day was ended with a dinner and acquaintance party.

After the mass, the crowd was overwhelmed by the creativity of the contenders for the first ARO’s Next Top Model. The first titles were given to Youth For Christ (YFC) and REACHERS Club in the male and female category, respectively.

In an interview, Mayumi Villaver, the current president of REACHERS club shared here sentiment and gratitude to the success of the celebration.

“Kalakbay 2017 was indeed a wonderful and successful event. I am very much honored to be part of the Ateneo Religious Organization. The six clubs, who made a huge effort in making an event so great, are very commendable. I have never been in the company of so many people that were so warm to cherish new friendships. We had so much fun from the beginning until the end. Kudos, to my ARO family!” she expressed.

ARO President Reina Eunice Morales shared that she was happy with the result of the event.

“The goal was to create a more relational bond with other clubs under ARO as we celebrate the service each club has given to their own ministries. Just like Knights with Iggy, Kalakbay is an annual event where all members gather for a teambuilding while enjoying each other’s company,” she added.

The participating clubs include Campus Liturgical Ministries (CLM), Youth For Christ (YFC), Christ’s Youth in Action (CYA), Ateneo Catechetical Instructions League (ACIL), Sub-Dominant 7 (SD7) and REACHERS Club.

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