November 7, 2012 (1:38 PM)

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After 14 years of being the Office of Student Affairs Director, Rikki Enriquez is replaced by Ms. Theresa “Bimbay” Eliab as the new OSA Director since November 1.

In consideration of the short list of candidates submitted by the search committee for the new OSA director, Fr. Joel Tabora, S.J., University President, appointed Eliab to be the new director of OSA for the next three years.

In the memo released by the University President, he asked the University community to pray and show support to Eliab as “she undertakes this crucial role in the implementation of the vision and mission of the University.”

Fr. Tabora also asked Eliab to help in the formation of good leaders, who will contribute to the Philippines especially in Mindanao.

Eliab has been working at the Arrupe Office of Social Formation (formerly SICO) for already 13 years. She was a coordinator of NSTP-CWTS for six years, SICO director for two years and coordinator of the Student Servant Leadership Program for the past seven semesters.

In an interview with Atenews, she said that she was “honestly surprised” when she was chosen to be the new OSA Director for she was already at home with what she was doing in the Arrupe Office.

“But in the name of formation and student development, I accepted the job,” she continued.

She also added that it is difficult not to take the job because she sees it as an opportunity to further expand the programs of the Arrupe Office. She explained that she was handling SICO volunteers and since “bulk” of her work as the new OSA director has something to do with social welfare, she sees it as a “better way to expand” what has been started in the Arrupe Office.

She was referring to her previous work in Arrupe on leadership formation and mentoring student leaders and clubs, which cater to social realities.

When asked on what are her plans and visions for the school in the three years of service, she said that she will be concentrating on activities that will achieve the vision and mission of the University.

“There is request from our University President to take care of formation of student leaders and at the same time, student organizations, so most of the activities will be gearing towards that,” she added.

She stressed that one of her focus is to hone student leaders, who work towards social justice and who are “not only concerned with their everyday concerns, but to also see the other worlds.”

Perry Sandoval, Mass Communication student and a former FYDP student of Eliab said she is happy with the new director because she knows from experience that Eliab is very helpful and caring to the students.

“I hope that the Ateneo community will also support our new OSA director,” she added.

Hitesh Dhanwani, Samahan Secretary General, said that he hopes for the new director to be more focused in student and leadership development.

He stressed that Eliab is perfect for the position because her “vision and mission is really in line with our school.”

In the same memo released by the University President, he thanked Rikki Enriquez for his 14 years of service with “tremendous personal energy and creativity.”

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