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CONTENDING WORDS. A debater from one of the nine universities across the country expressed his contention as he participated in the 3rd Davao Intervarsity held last Sunday, June 8, at the Finster Auditorium, Ateneo de Davao University. Photo by Hannah Lou Balladares

In a battle of logical, moral, and factual consistencies, AdDU representatives Jeric Ludyawan and Rikk Nalzaro were declared the Final’s Best at the 3rd Davao Intervarsity last Sunday, July 08.

Nine universities from across the country participated in the tournament which adopted the British-Parliamentary debate format.

Each round divided the house into four teams with each team bearing two individuals.

The semi-finals hailed the following teams:

Opening Government: Kate Madrazo (AdDU AB Mass Com 2016) & Sean Año (AdDU BS Acc 2017)

Closing Government: Jeric Ludyawan (AdDU BS Finance 4) & Rikk Nalzaro (AdDU BS Acc 2017)

Opening Opposition: Miguel Ventura (UPD) & David Africa (AdMU SHS)

Closing Opposition: Mark So (UPM) & Ronneil Bilbao (UPM).

For the championship, a three-man panel judged with the motion: “You are a safety engineer of the first line of self-driving cars. Part of your job is to program/code safety protocols the car will take in certain scenarios. In one foreseen scenario, the car is on a major highway with a truck in front of it and an SUV carrying 4 passengers adjacent to the car.

The truck cargo has gone loose and will crush the car including its passenger if it does not swerve. Swerving will result to injuries and possibly kill the passengers of the SUV. Assuming the protocol cannot be traced back to you, THW program the car to save the passenger at the expense of the SUV.”

End the silence of the gagged!

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