December 7, 2019 (8:09 AM)

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Infographics by Stephen Geronilla

Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) was hailed Top 2 Performing School in the September 2019 Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET) in secondary level.

AdDU garnered a 93.85 percent passing rate for the Secondary Level and produced three topnotchers in both elementary and secondary levels.

Bachelor of Elementary Education graduate Riza Dianne L. Rodriguez reaped the top 4 with a mark of 91 percent while Bachelor of Secondary Education graduates Feltrick Vench A. Remulta and Venes E. Calunsag earned the sixth and tenth spot, with rates 91.40 and 90.60 percent, respectively.

Rodriguez admitted that her journey towards being a Licensed Professional Teacher was “tough” after her parents separated.

Despite this, her grandparents, who were her source of care and support, became her inspiration to study.

“They raised us na God-fearing…and maski unsa pa ka imperfect imong parents, never ever jud mag-plant ug hatred sa kanila – hindrance kasi ng success pag may hate ka ug maski unsa pa ka imperfect sa life namo, nagskwela mi og tarong. Di dahil broken family, magrebelde ka na rin,” Rodriguez said.

Moreover, Rodriguez urged her fellow Ateneans not to run away from family and financial problems, burdens, and struggles but rather to face them.

“Don’t make them excuses for inappropriate doings. Instead, offer them to God and take a break. It’s okay to take a break, but do not give up. God has the best plans,” Rodriguez stated.

Meanwhile, Mathematics major Feltrick Vench Remulta, who graduated Summa Cum Laude, stressed that he had a “challenging journey” for being a prospect to be in the list of topnotchers.

“I was faced with high expectations from my family, my friends, previous schools, and the public … having those sleepless nights because I have to finish reading some of the review materials, experiencing unending anxiety. However, those challenges did not stop me from reaching my goal,” Remulta said.

For his preparations for the LET, Remulta said that he prepared by reading a lot of books and review materials.

Remulta also shared that he was alone at home when the LET results came out and asked his mother and friends instead to look for his name in the list of passers.

“It was like having a panic attack. That was one of the unforgettable moments of my life,” he added.

When asked about the first-takers’ recent achievement, Remulta said that he would apply for a position in a public, academic institution and take his master’s degree while Rodriguez, like the former, considers applying for a job, earning her master’s degree and taking opportunities abroad.

While 61 passed out of the 65 takers at the secondary level, all twelve takers in the elementary level passed the said licensure examination.

AdDU, however, was not included among the top-performing schools in the elementary level as its number of examinees did not reach 50, in accordance with Commission Resolution No. 2010-547 series of 2010, courtesy of Professional Regulation Commission.

Rodriguez was among the 28,973 test takers for the elementary level out of 92,440 examinees (31.34 percent) while Remulta and Calunsag belonged to the 54,179 test takers for secondary level out of 136,523 examinees (39.68 percent).

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