September 8, 2013 (8:38 PM)

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Star Search Champion

The 11th season of Star Search named Ann Valerie Pamplona from the Accountancy Division as the grand champion last September 8 at Finster Auditorium.

The contestants, including Pamplona, were given two rounds to showcase their talents on stage. The first round was ‘slow song competition’ from different Broadway Musicals. The second round was ‘fast song competition’ inspired by music from the 90’s.

The top three finalists from the Business and Management Department, School of Engineering and Architecture and Accountancy Department sang the original piece of Lem Manalo, Head of Environmental Unit for the final round.

In the end, Adreane Inting from the School of Engineering and Architecture bagged second runner-up followed by Natashia Labrador from the Business and Management Department as the first runner-up.

For the second time around, Accountancy representative Eloisa Ramirez shared the same feeling as their representative won the same championship again.

“Sana sa mga pinaghandaan namin para sa inyo, sana nag-enjoy kayo,” Ramirez concluded as she gave her message to the whole Accountancy division.


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