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COMBEBACK. Accountancy (ACC) Cluster conquers MUGNA: A Vlog Fest and Competition of Pag-inunongay 5, the Ateneo Arts Fest, defeating the previously reigning SEA, BM, and HUMLET. Photo by Jeni Anne Rosario

Breaking the historic triad win in last year’s Festival of Excellence (FoE), the Accountancy (ACC) Cluster was hailed overall champion in FoE 2021, defeating three competing clusters who previously held the title.

Last year, the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA), Business and Management (BM), and Humanities and Letters (HUMLET) made history of being the first-ever three overall champions in this annual artistic and cultural event. 

ACC representative Rholien Verallo said that this is their ultimate comeback from last year’s debacle in the MUGNA Competition.

“Our triumph in this year’s FOE is our ultimate comeback from last year’s failure to secure a spot in the MUGNA Competition. It was really our goal to be declared as Champion to bring back the glory of the Accountancy Cluster. This victory is a shared milestone, and we are looking forward to bringing more triumphs for the yellow community,” Verallo stated.

Overwhelmed by their achievement, ACC production director Jose Delviemar Albano said he promised to lift the cluster after losing last year.  

“I remembered that I promised myself to make the cluster good if I were to be chosen to direct a film again,” he said, citing their championship as destined to happen.

Although vlogging was his hobby, Albano said he was not exempted from experiencing anxiety and pressure in producing their entry. 

“The whole week I just spent my time thinking of how I could make the vlog better and better. That also meant that each day was a day of anxiety and pressure.  I also had to sacrifice a week of my academics so I could go shooting.”

The student vlogger further recalled the difficulties he encountered in the production of their winning piece. 

“The hardest part was making the script. I asked my friends and my mom for advice because I really wanted it to convey the message of the importance of MIL. The script almost took 2 days to make because I wanted it to be cohesive, understandable, and substantive,”  Albano said. 

Following ACC in the overall ranking, the School of Social Sciences (SS) landed first runner-up. 

The former champions School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) and Humanities and Letters (HUMLET) triumphed at second and third place, respectively.  

For the MUGNA Vlog Festival, SS and ACC went head-to-head in garnering recognition.

SS’ Pakighimamat grabbed Best Teaser, Best Thumbnail, Best Musical Score, and People’s Choice Award.

Meanwhile, ACC’s Together bagged Best Graphics, Best Editing, Best Director, and Best in Cinematography, declaring them as Vlogger of the Year.

For the ESPORRE Virtual Photo contest, Justine Smart’s people-themed output bagged the first-week prize, and Matthew Quibado won the second week’s award.

FoE 2021 recognized the three most outstanding clubs for this school year.

The Junior Social Work Association of the Philippines (JSWAP) ranked 1st, Ateneo de Davao Association of Chemistry Students (ADDACS) ranked 2nd, and Campus Liturgical Ministries (CLM) landed third.

In the culmination and awarding ceremony via Facebook live-stream, OSA Director Ms. Theresa Salaver-Eliab encouraged the students to express patriotism to Mindanao in celebration of the long years spent in showcasing Mindanao’s artistic and cultural context. 

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