June 17, 2020 (3:04 PM)

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TRANSFORMING CULTURE AND ARTS. A first in Mindanao, the Ateneo Culture and Arts Cluster establishes their shift online with the Ateneo Virtual Support for Culture and the Arts Program (AVSCAP), starting June 26. Photo courtesy of Andrei Francis Arrocena

Innovating the arts with today’s digital modes, the Ateneo Culture and Arts Cluster (ACAC) announced last Sunday its launching of the Ateneo Virtual Support for Culture and the Arts Program (AVSCAP). Starting activity period this June 26, the AVSCAP will be the first culture and the arts program in Mindanao to shift online. 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the University’s online transition, AVSCAP is envisioned to be an avenue for Atenean artists to continue expressing their art and share it with a digital audience.

According to Mr. Jesus Allagra Montajes, ACAC Head, the program seeks to offer the tools and opportunities to student-artists with their respective art interests.

“The Ateneo Virtual Support for Culture and the Arts Program (AVSCAP) is an online program that provides a wide range of accessible and relevant culture and arts-based activities and experiences to digital audiences,” Montajes said. 

“AVSCAP is created to address needs and opportunities of student-artists in a fully virtual platform,” he continued.

‘Fully online’

With the AVSCAP, Montajes gave a note of assurance that the program will allow respective clubs in the ACAC to continue and adjust if need be, their mandates.

“The main reason is to continue the mandate of the member organizations of the Ateneo Culture and Arts Cluster even in different platforms. The shift requires these organizations to reframe their operation and function and understand the recent situation why the shift is important for artist and audience development and empowerment,” the ACAC Head said.

Montajes further shared that the members of the different groups underwent a series of online meetings and evaluations to adapt the necessary online framework.

“The Culture and Arts Cluster will be closely monitoring the implementation of the varied activities of its member organizations this academic year and will set up a series of consultations for assistance and evaluation,” he stated.

The AVSCAP will utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as online platforms for the expression of arts, while Google Meet and Zoom are for training, demonstrations, and workshops.

ACAC’s ‘New Normal’

Atenean student-artists expressed their enthusiasm with the AVSCAP which they hope, will enable them to showcase their talents and creativity in the ‘new normal’. The program, according to the student-artists, promises to showcase their modes of expression and to highlight global, national, local, and personal issues to the online audience.

Rina Barriga, Ateneo Dance Crew’s (ADC) Team Leader and Leadership Consultancy Head, pointed out that AVSCAP will provide them a creative yet safe space to express their platform online.

“It’s a great outlet not only for emotional and artistic expression but also helps us alleviate strain on our mental health brought about by the current global situation. To keep creating and consuming art is vital during these times,” Barriga said. 

“We’re grateful for this program that gives us a safe space to share these creations as we better understand ourselves and the world, from indoors,” she continued.

Thea Karuelina Pascual, Ateneo Sidlak Performance Arts Collective (ASPAC) President, also shared that the program will enrich their creative potential as it will give them the online stage.

“This program is a great avenue for student-artists as it gives us an ‘online stage’ to share our craft. It also allows us to continue to enrich our skills and knowledge,” Pascual said.

Meanwhile, Montajes hopes that the program will flourish in the coming months because of the student-artists’ mindset of embracing change.

“We have this proactive and resilient mindset as Ateneans. There will be opposition or resistance along the way but we always recognize that to be part of the process. That is part of how we transition,” Montajes said

“Well, at the end of the day, change is inevitable and we have to understand the change in order for us to survive,” he concluded.

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