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WRITING PROWESS. Representing the SEA Tigers, Danniela Opsima took first prize in the Sulat Tinyo at at the Training Room in Xavier Hall last Friday, August 12. Photo by Denyz Zaira Persigas

Rejoicing in the essence of Ateneo Fiesta, this year’s Sulat Tinyo: Essay Writing Contest highlighted the theme “Is one’s happiness rooted in their purpose?” while reviving the traditional Essay Writing Contest.

School of Engineering and Architecture’s Danniela Opsima bagged the champion’s title for this year’s Sulat Tinyo despite revealing that she encountered difficulties in shifting from e-documented to handwritten contests. 

“The handwritten aspect of the contest was definitely hard. I couldn’t check my grammar, I didn’t have room for errors on my final paper, and I couldn’t check the word count. It was hard to have nothing but your hand and mind during the contest,” Opsima told Atenews.

SAMAHAN Department of Academic Affairs Director Monica Cortes noted how refreshing it was to go back into the classic essay writing process amidst the trend nowadays, where essays are mostly done online and typewritten, labeling them as “more intimate and personal.”

“It is inevitable na there will be some, hindi naman sa cheating, to put it for the lack of better term na people can refer to online sites have that as a reference. Ngayon na they are free from anything like in pen and paper so it’s more organic,” Cortes relayed. 

Cortes also mentioned how Sulat Tinyo has been one of the platforms for students not only to express themselves but also to share what they want the Ateneo community to know.

“While writing is one of the many forms a person can express themselves, and as someone from the Department of Academic Affairs, although academic affairs is not only limited to the writing area or the aspect of expressing oneself but through writing, I believe the participants here can share whatever they want to let the Ateneo know especially with our theme.”

Natural Sciences and Mathematics and School of Education’s (NSMxSOE) Cristelle Malinted finished as the 1st runner up for the competition.

School of Nursing representative Brian Garay, who won 2nd runner-up, also detailed his takeaways from the event.

“We’re all amateur writers, not only representing our clusters but also giving our best in bringing out our passions–in pen and paper. And speaking of pen and paper, I somewhat find it fulfilling  writing a piece by hand, rather than digitally, even if the latter would be a lot more convenient nowadays.” 

Since the pandemic started, it has been two consecutive years since AdDU Fiesta’s Sulat Tinyo shifted from e-documented to handwritten essay competitions.

The competition was conducted at the Training Room in Xavier Hall, 8/F CCFC Building on August 12, 2022.

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