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COLORS OF ATENEO. All nine cluster representatives wave their flags as they kick off the 74th Ateneo Fiesta during the Opening Ceremony in Martin Hall on Thursday, August 11. Photo by Samantha Erika De Las Llagas

Rekindling the vibrant university life, the Samahan ng Mga Mag-aaral ng Pamantasang Ateneo de Davao (SAMAHAN) welcomed Ateneans “back to the Ateneo we call home,” with Sadya 2022: The 74th Ateneo Fiesta Parade and Opening Ceremonies.

Eight clusters, namely: the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA), Accountancy (ACC), Natural Sciences and Mathematics x School of Education (NSM x SOE), Humanities and Letters (HumLet), Nursing (SON), Social Science (SS), Computer Science (CS), and Business & Management (BM) breathed in the fiesta air, wearing their colors, and chanting their identities in the Fiesta Parade at the Jacinto Campus.

After the onsite parade live streamed via SAMAHAN’s Facebook page, the opening ceremonies commenced at Martin Hall with the Marian ritual echoing the fiesta’s theme: “Inang Maria: Kasama, Kaisa, at Kaagapay sa Loob ng 75 na Taon ng mas Matibay na Pananampalataya at Pamumuno para sa Misyon sa MINDANAW.”  

SAMAHAN led Day One’s display of talents and creativity by revealing the main Audio-Visual Presentation teaser of Sadya 2022, followed by the cultural dance paving the formal opening of the Ateneo Fiesta by a declaration of University President Fr. Joel E. Tabora S.J.   

Seconding the display, cluster representatives raised their flags and strutted on stage during the unveiling of banners.

The second reveal followed suit: Sadya 2022’s official soundtrack sang by Samuel Lafuente, who hyped the crowd, “Maong mag-sadya na ta!”

Then, the dancers from each cluster showcased their skill in contemporary dancing through the Pair Dance Showdown. 

Sadya 2022’s opening ceremonies preceded the Fiesta Pakaon, Palarong Atenista 2022 Championships, Pista sa Nayon: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & COA-huts Launchin, Kantawanan: The Karaoke Challenge, Ignatian Cup Semi Finals and Grandfinals, COA Sessionistas, Star Search, and Popcorn Knights in the afternoon.

“We’ve purposely made sure that Palaro finals will be scheduled on the fiesta days so that we can provide a platform for athletes to be featured, to be seen by the Atenean community,” SAMAHAN President Samantha Cayona mentioned.

Acknowledging that students are more attracted to participate now because of the face-to-face celebration after two years, Cayona invited everyone to join the Musikahan, one of SAMAHAN’s initiatives in this year’s fiesta.

“Celebrate music and arts while we dedicate our talents to something bigger than fiesta—to give something to a community that really needs it,” the President said, wishing Musikahan to be experienced by all.

With Day 1 wrapped up, Day 2’s highlight Musikahan 2022: The Homecoming Concert-For-A-Cause will be later, August 12, 2022, at 5 pm. Registration is at Php 250, while proceeds from the event will go to the Mindanao Children’s Library Foundation Inc.

Pair Dance Showdown makes a comeback

In the highlight of the event “Pair Dance Showdown (PDS),” SEA performed maleficent, ACC danced Raya, NSMxSOE staged Brave, HumLet reflected Mulan, SON slayed Beauty and the Beast, SS visited Narnia, CS battled Filipino legend, and BM dreamed Cinderella.

BM took the championship, SS placed second, and CS came third in the 74th Ateneo Fiesta’s PDS.

Jaycee Caputolan from BM’s Cinderella pair told Atenews, “Actually, happy kayo mi kay wala mi nagexpect na kami jud madaog, kay first naa mi bench and we knew na minus point five na sya daan, so gitake namo ang risk.”

Caputolan added that they tried to change it, but it turned out undesirable, hence the decision to stick to having the prop in the routine.

The Cinderella Mj Delos Santos thanked their cluster for supporting and noted that since BM has not won the previous PDS, bringing the championship title home would mean a new start for the Vipers.

End the silence of the gagged!

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