August 12, 2021 (5:00 PM)

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HOPE AMIDST ALL ODDS. Fr. Kim Lachica, SJ presided the mass for the opening of the 73rd Ateneo Fiesta, streamed today via Ateneo de Davao University Facebook Live. Photo credits to Alfonso Miguel Cordoviz

Celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption, Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) officially opens #Indayog2021: 73rd Ateneo Fiesta with the Marian Ritual and Holy Eucharistic Mass, streamed via Facebook Live this morning.

Preserving Ateneo’s solemn and ceremonious tradition, the observance reminded the “unfailing love of the Blessed Mother” and tendered “symbols of gratitude and love to the Lady of Assumption” with her faithfulness and commitment to the will of God. 

Fr. Kim Lachica, SJ began his homily by sharing that amidst the adversities that happened throughout the year, such as the pandemic, natural disasters, and climate change, the Filipinos rejoiced over the Olympic success of the country, which reflected the willpower and resilience of the athletes.

He noted that in line with the victories of the nation is the commemoration of Mary of Nazareth, being the only human raised to heaven, both body and soul.

With Mary’s devotion to God, he described her as “an enduring symbol and icon as humanity’s Home of Salvation.”

“The luminous sign of our lady taken up to heaven shines out even more brightly when such shadows of suffering and violence seem to loom on the horizon,” he mentioned.

Citing Pope Francis on his Angelus Prayer, last August 15, Fr. Lachica iterated that “Mary’s lowliness magnifies God’s greatness that Mother,” elucidating how “she does not allow herself to be overwhelmed by the difficulties and absorbed by fears” and puts God as her first greatness in life.

Thus, he resolved that despite Mary’s arduous journey towards glory, considering her unwanted pregnancy and untold pains due to her son’s death, her presence remains “our source of hope, [and] of a bright future.”

“She does that to give us the inspiration to walk ahead and keep the faith strong. Fortes in Fide,” he expressed in the mass.

Fr. Lachica compared St. Ignatius with Mary, relating how St. Ignatius was once ambitious in achieving his dream to become the best knight but had reoriented his perspective when he was met with a tragedy.

Just like Mary, Fr. Lachica emphasized that St. Ignatius remained steadfast in the face of misfortune. Instead of taking it negatively, he realigned his visions and soon pursued being “God’s golden medalist.”

As such, he imparted looking up to Mary and St. Ignatius as role models.

“Let us be God’s Gold Medalist, like Mary and Ignatius,” he finished his sermon.

Garnering more than 2,000 views, the mass concluded with a prayer offered to the COVID-19 operations, health workers, those afflicted, and everyone going through the trying times.

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