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Campus Clubs and Organizations (CCO) host two online competitions titled ‘Spoof-a-Minute’ and ‘Dubidubidubdub’, bringing comedic spin to Filipino film masterpieces during the online 72nd Ateneo Fiesta, August 13. Screenshot by Jared Joshua Bangcaya

With the excitement during the 72nd Ateneo fiesta on an absolute high, the Campus Clubs and Organizations (CCO) hosted two online competitions titled ‘Spoof-a-Minute’ and ‘Dubidubidubdub’ as their way of looking back on Filipino film masterpieces during the closing program of the 72nd Ateneo Fiesta yesterday. 

In ‘Spoof-A-Minute’, participants were tasked to choose a Filipino personality or a specific scene from any Filipino film to portray in a 30-second to a one-minute video.

‘Dubidubidubdub’, however, is a reversal of the ‘Spoof-A-Minute’ since participants were tasked to dub their chosen Filipino film.

With this year’s fiesta transitioning online, the participants were to submit a timelapse as proof that they were the ones doing their entry. This was to ascertain that the participants did not receive any external help.  

Shiena Carreon, Campus Clubs Organization’s (CCO) chairperson, expressed how they envisioned CCO’s competitions to impact Ateneans amid the shift to online platforms. 

“The main driving inspiration that led us to push these events is that we wanted to make every Atenean feel the essence of the AdDU Fiesta and still be able to enjoy and share the excitement and happiness even in these hard times,” Carreon said. 

She added that hosting contests like this one was hard since everything, from managing to informing participants, needed to be done online.

Spoof-A-Minute: Relieving iconic Filipino cinema

Anchored on the vision of reliving iconic Filipino cinema, Spoof-A-Minute delivered a festive spectacle presenting humorous impersonations of notable Filipino films and personalities. 

The Ateneo Marketing Club’s (AMARC) entry unanimously garnered first place with their playful take of Manny Pacquiao’s Vitwater commercial. Trailing in second place was the collaboration of the Philippine Nursing Association (PNSA) and Ateneo Circle of Computer Studies (ACCSS) with their rendition of Vice Ganda’s acclaimed film, Super Parental Guardians. 

One of AMARC’s actors, Lemuel Sta Maria, conveyed his appreciation for the team’s ingenious artistic direction that paved the way for their successful finish. 

“The team was like a well-coordinated machine wherein each member knew the skills and talents of each other and each member gave their own personal best. With the motivation of representing AMARC, we gave our best to make the marketing family proud,” Sta Maria said.

Serge Redoble, another AMARC voice actor, shared his insights in their creative process while conceptualizing their entry. 

“When I was asked to voice over for the spoof and found out that the team chose Manny Pacquiao as our local filipino artist, I didn’t hesitate to participate because the influence that Manny has given to our country is superb. Also, I believe that Lemuel can really impersonate Manny well because he has done it before, and this time he’s more eager to do it again,” Redoble said.

Carreon shared that more than the competition itself, the CCO also wanted to exemplify the local artistic scene.

“We chose ‘Local Filipino Artists’ as the theme so we can look back on Filipino film masterpieces and appreciate the efforts and talent of our fellow people. Also, we wanted to utilize this platform to promote local Filipino artists,” she elaborated.

‘Dubidubidubdub’ paves way for social issue discussions

“The idea of ‘Dubidubidubdub’ was taken from the rise of voiceover and dubbing market trends. Aside from the fact that it is fun, it is also very relatable to people especially to Ateneans.” Carreon said.

Such an event was recognized by the audiences saying that it was funny and entertaining how the voice actors dubbed the scenes.

Faith Formation Cluster’s Da Bers team, consisting of Princess Shyne Pena, Ranen John Teh, and Alyssa Sofea Larcena, bagged the first spot in the competitions.

Science and Technology’s Khalids and School of Busineess and Governance’s DUBBERkads received second and third places respectively.

Some of the presented clips were scenes from “Anak” starring Vilma Santos and Jullia Barreto, “Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy” starred by Vice Ganda, and the iconic “4 sisters and a wedding” starred by Shaina Magdayao, Bea Alonzo, Enchong Dee, Toni Gonzaga, Angel Locsin, and Coney Reyes.

Aside from entertainment, the presented clips dubbed by the participants were also used as a platform to tackle a few social and medical issues that are being dealt with by the community such as the difficulty of online classes, social distancing, and following medical protocols in order to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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