August 13, 2019 (9:36 PM)

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SAULOG 2019. Deputy Prime Minister of the winning team Fiery Majadas delivers his constructive speech on a motion concerning environmental movement and accountability. Photo by Maxine Andrea Lumbera

After last year’s victory, the Social Sciences (SS) Dragons once again bagged the championship of the 21st Ignatian Cup after a rematch with the Accountancy (ACC) Griffins.

The SS Team A, taking the government side, defended the adoption of the narrative of personal responsibility in the environmental movement.

The motion reads, “THBT the environmental movement should adopt the narrative of personal responsibility as opposed to one which emphasizes institutional or corporate accountability.”

“In status quo, institutional or corporate accountability has been made of the narrative of the environmental movement. We have to acknowledge the fact that somewhat it has helped the problem, but it has not targeted the wider scope and the root cause of the destruction of the environment at the end of the day,” Nissi Faith Basadre delivered her opening speech as the Prime Minister.

This year, the organizers opted to provide 30 minutes of preparation time instead of releasing the motion a day before the tournament.    

The Ateneo Debate Varsity (ADV), in partnership with the Ecoteneo and Sustainable Davao Movement, focused on environmental issues as its main theme.

Kimberly Fabular, one of the adjudicators, delivered a message during the deliberation of results.

“In general, that’s what we do. We are passionate about educating and campaigning for sustainability. But in particular, I think our strength really lies in monitoring eco-solid waste management. We have significantly reduced the amount of waste we produce as an institution,” she said.

Aside from the Ignatian Cup debate championship, Humanities & Letters (Humlet) Wolves claimed the championship of the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest.

The SS Dragons and Business & Management (B&M) Vipers placed 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively.

This year’s topic for the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest was: Sustainable Development in Davao City.

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