August 13, 2019 (10:17 AM)

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SAULOG 2019. Popcorn kiosks were put near the entrance of Finster Auditorium, students may buy it separate from their tickets. Photo by Maxine Andrea Lumbera

To engage students in different approaches to film criticism, Ateneo Film Circle (AFC) launched Popcorn Knight, an annual film showing activity.

“The reason why we chose those genres is to expose the students to criticize different approach of film while they are enjoying themselves,” AFC President Belly Jeo Gallardo said.

The smell of popcorn wafted the Finster Auditorium and Audio Visual Rooms as students were entertained by films of various genres and languages.

“The idea of [Popcorn Knight] is all about the knights having a great time watching different genre of film and also freeing ourselves to acads (academics),” he added.

On the first day of the 71st Ateneo Fiesta, horror movies which included 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Battle Royale, The Bride, Coherence, Ender’s Game, and Exorcism of Emily Rose were screened.

Second-year International Studies and Interdisciplinary student moviegoers Aldwin King Lara and Verna Joy Languido said even if they were not scared, they enjoyed all the jumpscare scenes.

Gallardo admitted that they did not expect a nearly full house.

Showcasing 16 films for the entire event, Gallardo said this year’s movie-marathon will be different for students have more films to choose from.

Aside from the horror movies screened on August 12, among other movies to be screened are rom-com and thriller films, Letters to Juliet, Love Actually, Orphan, Predestination, Serendipity, The Descent, The Notebook, The Others, and While You Were Sleeping on the second day of the fiesta.

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