August 14, 2018 (1:54 AM)

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Ateneans’ wit and intellect were tested in Sadya 2018’s Battle of the Brains held at the university’s Finster Auditorium. Photo by Julien Jame Apale

In a test of accumulated knowledge, representatives from the AB Psychology department bagged the championship title for the long-running Brain Wars in the 70th Ateneo Fiesta.

The SAMAHAN modified this year’s Battle of the Brains to make use of an individual’s sensory senses, namely the visual and auditory, as opposed to the usual trivia questions that only take advantage of one’s mental capabilities.

Battle of the Brains was divided into three rounds: easy, average, and difficult, with novelty rounds in between to give proper acknowledgment to the Fiesta 2018 sponsors.

Each round was divided into three categories: General Knowledge, Visual, and Audio, with sub-categories like Spot That Logo, Soundtrack ng Buhay Ko, and Ignatian Spirit.

The three rounds of rigorous questioning hailed the groups Baku Nawa, BNZL, and The D as the top three winners, respectively.

“I have to commend, ang ganda ng mga twists ng mga pakulo. Kasi ‘diba noon ang mga Battle of the Brains is like, very general knowledge. Ngayon is gi-incorporate na nila ‘yung mga pictures, ‘yung mga logos, and ‘yung mga audios. It’s a very creative way,” Ethel Boligor, a BS Psychology student from team Baku Nawa, shared to Atenews.

Vincent Mandanas, SAMAHAN Internal Audit Director and Battle of the Brains head, shared the rationale behind the event.

“The rationale behind this event is actually just, since this is Fiesta, we want to give our students what they deserve na they want to have fun. That’s why most of our questions [this year] are medyo lingaw-lingaw lang,” Mandanas said.

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