August 17, 2018 (3:05 PM)

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ACC Griffins depicting the burning bush as they retell one of the Bible’s greatest narratives, Exodus. Photo by Julien Jame Apale

Through the breathtaking rendition of the Exodus of the Israelites, the Accountancy (ACC) Griffins dance group Jaguars secured victory in the Sayawtenista 2018.

The mix of soulful and fierce performance of the famous Bible story brought to life was the Griffins’ subject for this year’s theme of notable historical events.

Jaguars head Krystel Faith Calumba explained the uniqueness of their theme and the power of putting one’s faith in the Lord.

“It’s a unique concept and portrays the story of ordinary people that can do extraordinary things if they have faith in the Lord and faith in themselves,” Calumba told Atenews.

Calumba shared how their group shared the same passion and mindset, allowing them to win the contest.

“We have one mindset, and that is not about winning the title or the plaque, but forming a family whose members share the same passion,” she said.

Calumba shared how it was their goal to relay the message of God’s saving grace.

“We feel fulfilled because we were able to accomplish our goal, which was to relay the message of God’s saving grace. It was an honor to present an amazing work of art, the [symbolism] of which were able to touch the hearts of the audience in one way or another,” she said.

First year Accountancy student RJ Gesulga praised the flawless execution of the dance.

“Accountancy’s dance tonight was cool, like who knew Moses could dance. On point lahat from choreography, execution hanggang props. They deserve [the win]. Nag pay off lahat ng kanilang effort which is obvious sa kanilang performance,” Gesulga said.

Computer Studies (CS) Chameleons placed second with their rendition of the Renaissance period, followed by the School of Engineering & Architecture (SEA) Tigers with their routine of the slavery in America.

School of Education (SOE) Sharks opened the event with their performance of the American Civil War. Social Sciences (SS) Dragons performed next with their interpretation of the Stonewall Riots, an important event for the LGBT community.

Business & Management (B&M) Vipers followed with their portrayal of the Black Plague. Humanities & Letters (Humlet) Wolves performed with their routine of the peace talks between North and South Korea.

School of Nursing (SON) Panthers performed next with their interpretation of the most terrifying event in the history, the Holocaust. They are followed by the Natural Sciences & Mathematics (NSM) Falcons with their rendition of the Titanic.

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