August 13, 2018 (2:46 PM)

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Ateneo faculty, staff, the student body, and SAMAHAN all commune for this year’s Boodle for Peace at the 7th Floor of the Martin Building. Photo by Maxine Lumbera

With a dozen food-filled tables on display, Ateneans gathered for the third Boodle for Peace, a communal meal to promote camaraderie and peace.

The meal was held at the 7th floor of Martin Building.

Mr. Lunar Fayloga, a host of the event, shared how the Boodle for Peace had become an indispensable part of the celebration of the University Fiesta.

“Ang fiesta dili man na kumpleto kung walay gathering, walay fellowship [ug] walay food. It is called Boodle for Peace because in Ateneo de Davao we promote interreligious dialogue,” Fayloga shared.

Fayloga also added that the meal was prepared to accommodate people of different faiths.

“Kung tanawon nimo ang pagkaon, makaon sa tanan. Maskin unsa man imong relihiyon, we all eat. As Filipinos, we love to eat. It’s not just about food, it is also about connecting with our celebration of faith. For 70 years Ateneo has been celebrating faith with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Food. Faith. Friendship,” he expressed.

Van Vincent Edwin Silagan, one of the attendees of the event, shared how the event was a memorable part of his college life.

“Actually wa ko kabalo na naa diay boodle sa school, nadala lang ko sa akong friend. Maayo nalang kay mao ni akong first and last na boodle diri sa school,” he said.

The Boodle for Peace was part of the three-day Fiesta Celebration of the university.

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