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Dancers from the School of Engineering and Architecture portrayed the capital sin lust during the Sayawtenista 2017
Photo by Alexis Matthew Reyes

Bringing home the crown as this year’s champs, the SEA Tigers allured the audience as they interpreted ‘lust’, portraying the issue of rape, during this year’s Sayawtenista, held at Martin Hall, August 16, at 6pm.

The Tigers’ depiction of rape as an issue is in accordance to the event’s theme, seven capital sins, wherein lust is a part of. Participants were made to incorporate the said theme to relevant issues in the world today.

Paving their way to the top, the Accountancy Griffins were declared as 1st runner up, with CS Chameleons garnering 2nd runner up.

Interpreting the sin ‘sorrow’, Griffins gave the audience goosebumps as they demonstrated how social media has eaten us alive. Towards the end of the performance, the whole cluster showed their support to their dancers by putting their phones’ lights on and waving them up in the air.

Chameleons left the crowd’s jaws drop as they portrayed greed, which they exhibited as a cause of tension between the rich and the farmers.

The remaining clusters also made remarkable performances in depicting the theme.

As for the SoN Panthers, they interpreted the issue of envy in position by politicians who are overwhelmed by power, without realizing their negative effect on innocent people. Their dance emphasized the slogan, “Inggit, buhay ang kapalit.”

Representing the sin ‘pride’, the BM Vipers portrayed the issue of racism, wearing afro wigs and white face masks to communicate skin-color based labeling in the society.

SoE Sharks brought the audience to Charlie’s chocolate factory as they depicted the sin ‘gluttony’, saying that luxurious life leads to overeating.

In contrast to the principle of magis which means doing more, the HumLet Wolves portrayed that sloth, as a sin, leads to poverty.

Depicting the sin ‘wrath’, the SS Dragons conveyed that the anger of rebels propel violence. Their performance ended with the song “Where is the love?”

Outshining the impressive performances of other clusters, Kyle Verano of SEA Tigers expressed in an interview how he felt for winning. “Humbling masyado. Overwhelming. Unexpected kay grabe ka gahi jud sa other divisions, especially ang Accountancy. Sobra. And thankful ako sa EA talents kasi grabe ang inspiration na binigay nila sa amin,” he said.

Sayawtenista is considered as the most highlighted event in the annual Ateneo fiesta.








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