August 16, 2017 (5:40 AM)

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The EA Tigers zoom past the B&M Vipers in the championship games.
Photo by Hannah Lou Balladares

The Tigers roared in victory as the Engineering and Architecture (EA) Tigers claimed their title as the two-time champion for the basketball men’s category, after outlasting the B&M Vipers in the championship match held last Aug.15, 2017 at the Martin Hall.

The game started easy and the first quarter ended with the EA Tigers opening to a lead with a score of 25-20. As the game heated up, the Tigers went on to secure a greater lead by the close of the second quarter with a score of 43-34.

B&M Vipers were feeling the heat as they struggled to close the gap against the opposing team. Gaining four more hoops than the Tigers, the Vipers caught up in the match by the end of the third quarter with a score of 50-49.

The Tigers were threatened by the Vipers’ feat of catching up in the game. The crowds were feeling the tension and their drums and cheers became in sync to the hype of the game.

The first few hoops in the fourth quarter went back and forth but eventually the Tigers were inching towards a solid lead. The Vipers looked rattled as their team had been active around the rim but their attempts at rebound shots proved ineffective as the Tigers maintained their lead.

Two minutes remained in the game and it was a matter of the Tigers keeping their lead and this led them to bag the championship with a closing score of 67-61.

Brenzell Barug, a player for the EA Tigers, expressed the pride he felt after bagging the championship for his cluster.

“Proud kaayo kay siyempre champion gud mi. Wala mi nag-expect na maka-comeback mi after atong hapit gud mi naapsan. Mao to gihimo lang namo ang best,” Barug commented.

Leng Yu, the School of Engineering and Architecture representative, expressed how happy she with the Tigers bagging the championship title.

“Actually hindi pa rin ako makaget-over pero ngayo na naka-defend sila, parang nagasink-in na sa akin na karaming championship na na-defend ngayon. Talagang may confidence talaga ako na ma-defend nila pero iba talaga sa feeling nan aka two-peat sila. Hopefully next year na pud.”


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