August 16, 2017 (8:02 AM)

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Dart participants take their shot at a bulls eye.
Photo by Lorraine Rubi

Armed with their skills in precision and accuracy, Accountancy Griffins, for women’s category, and CS Chameleons, for men’s, rose above six contenders from other clusters during this year’s Darts Championship, held at 4th floor, Martin Hall, August 14-15.

In the women’s category, Crisafer Raha Reyes and Nor-Fatimah Cahar of the Accountancy Griffins whipped the SEA Tigers with the final score of 3-1. Making it to the semi-finals, HumLet Wolves and SS Dragons bagged the 3rd and 4th place, respectively.

Aiming and directing better, Keppel John Saclot and Raymond Joseph Reroma of the CS Chameleons outmatched the HumLet Wolves in the men’s category, ending up with a 3-0 score. BM Vipers placed 3rd and Accountancy Griffins acquired the 4th place.

Scrabble event results

The Accountancy Griffins were declared as the champions for both men and women’s category for the Palarong Atenista 2017 indoor game scrabble. The event started at exactly 8am and ended at 5pm in the afternoon at F402, Finster Bldg.

Pocholo Quidangan of Accountancy bagged the championship for scrabble under men’s category against Business and Management, 339-299.

Reem Miajoy Roque of the Griffins was also declared as overall winner for scrabble under women’s category against STAGS, 373-169.

Engineering and Architecture took 3rd place for men’s scrabble while Business and Management 3rd place for women’s scrabble.

For both men and women’s category, divisions were divided into two brackets, Bracket A with the Accountancy (ACC), Computer Studies (CS), and Humanities and Letters (Humlet) while School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA), Business and Management (BM), School of Nursing/School of Education/ Natural Science and Mathematics (STAGS), and Social Sciences (SS) under Bracket B.

For the elimination round under men’s category, ACC won game 1 against CS, 354-214 and 4 against Humlet, 281-143; BM won by default on game 2 against SEA and 6 against SS, 437-109; SS won by default against STAGS; Humlet won game 7 against CS, 255-212; SEA won game 8 against SS, 340-190.

For the elimination round under women’s category, The Griffins won game 1 and 4 by default against the Chameleons and Wolves. The Vipers won game 2 against the Tigers, 272-224 and game 6 by default. The Stags won game 3 by default, game 5 against the Tigers, 246-153, and game 9 against the Vipers 339-259. The Dragons won game 8 against the Tigers, 303-254.


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