August 15, 2017 (1:47 PM)

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A badjao child plays a game of hip-hip hooray.
Photo by Jacymae Kaira Go

With the goal of providing more educational learnings, the SAMAHAN Welfare Committee stretched the annual Children’s hour to a whole-day event last August 15, at F213.

Over sixty student volunteers from different courses and organizations, welcomed the fifty Badjao children from the CS Orphanage, Matina Aplaya with enthusiasm and joy.

The event was opened by a short introduction of the volunteers and the participants. After which, the children enjoyed the parlor games, including pass the balloon, hip-hip hooray, and stop dance competition brought by the volunteers.

Also, some of the participants showcased their talents by giving an intermission number to the audience. It was then followed by a film-viewing and a campus tour.

The children received educational prizes and special gifts from the sponsors at the end of the program.

When asked about why Children’s hour was changed to Children’s day, SAMAHAN Welfare Committee Head, Mcdo Kurt Manansala shared that an hour is simply not enough for the children.

“Atleast dito sa Children’s day, we are trying to put up some learning. And as we continue to give joy to these children, we see that it grows, like educationally,” he remarked

Jonathan Erales, CS Orphanage volunteer, expressed his deep gratitude to the said event.

“Para sa akoa, nalipay ko na na expose na ang mga badjao, dili lang sa ilahang balay o sa dagat. Nalipay pud ko na mapagawas sa mga bata ilahang mga talent ug ma motivate pud sila.”

The Children’s day is annually hosted by the SAMAHAN Welfare Committee every Ateneo Fiesta for six years now.

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