August 14, 2017 (2:43 PM)

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Students and faculty ate together at the Rodriguez Hall.
Photo by Jacymae Kaira Go

 “Food nourishes the friendship and in turn, the friendship enjoys the food,” said Mr. Lunar Fayloga in an interview about the recently concluded Second Boodle for Peace during the first day of Ateneo Fiesta, held at Rodriguez Hall, August 14, at 12 in the afternoon. 


With the aim of promoting genuine solidarity and lasting peace, Ateneo students, faculty members and alumni gathered for the annual fiesta boodle fight.


As the host of the said activity, Fayloga emphasized that food binds us together because we all eat it, whether you are a Lumad, a Muslim or a Christian. According to him, the boodle fight was more than just the food, but it was also about cultivating friendship. He believed that good company can make even the simplest of foods palatable. Mr. Fayloga also mentioned that hopefully, this fellowship will be able to deepen our desire for peace.


Mr. Alexander Quilaton, Mr. Jorjani Sinsuat, and Mr. John Espino, who represented Lumads, Muslims, and Christians, respectively, opened the community lunch by sharing insights mainly about unity and inclusivity in the pursuit of peace.


Students who took part in the boodle fight also expressed their positive remarks on the activity and its significance to the promoted goal. 


Kyre Fernandez, an AB-Political Science student, appreciated not only the food but also the idea of Ateneans coming together to share a meal.


“The food was great pero what made it more fulfilling kay the fact na it was not just about the food, not just about eating. What we all did was a symbol of solidarity. When we ate, we ate as Filipinos, one and the same, hindi specific kinds of Filipinos. Eating together might not necessarily solve all the issues in our world, pero it’s a start. And I’m glad to be part of it,” he said.

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