August 16, 2015 (8:07 AM)

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Photo by Mark Louie Balladares

Photo by Mark Louie Balladares

Colorful and exciting booths were showcased at various locations across the University for this year’s Campus Clubs Organization (CCO) Gimikan.

During the three-day event, there were six clusters who participated in the CCO Gimikan and they were assigned at different locations of the University.

Booths from the socio-civic cluster, engineering and architecture cluster, and faith and formation cluster were assigned at the Arrupe Hall, the business cluster was assigned at the Thibault Grounds, the arts and education cluster were assigned at J301, and the science cluster were assigned at the internet reservation area.

Each of the six clusters offered different-themed booths and gimmicks to cater the tastes and interests among students such as the Cosplay Café, MinEAte to Win It, Horror House, Harana for Inspiration, and many others.

“Ang CCO Gimikan kay gina-encourage niya yung mga clubs na magtayo ng sarili nilang fund-raising activities para maka-earn din sila. Nagprovide ng each club ng kanya-kanyang gimik like yung AFC Padala at Cosplay Café,” said Gretelyn Villagomez, ArtCo president.

Another club president, Samantha Ajoc from the newly-formed Enviromental Science Community (EnviCo) said, “For Gimikan this is our time to shine na ipakita namin sa kanila na may club rin kami.”

Many students were satisfied and enjoyed throughout the CCO Gimikan event.

“So far ang CCO Gimikan experience ko kay ayos naman. Nakakatuwa rin. Maraming pwede gawin. Enjoy talaga,” a computer studies student said.

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