March 6, 2015 (12:59 PM)

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The 28th Awitenista hailed its winners during the Grand Finals Night last March 1, 2015 at the Finster Auditorium.
The show kicked off with the formal ceremonies led by Sub-Dominant 7.

Contestants wowed the audience in their production number singing Original Pilipino Music (OPM) from various bands of the 90’s.

The real battle among the contestants started when they performed their entries. First, there was the Religious category and Nationalistic category. The Jam Atenista category and the Contemporary category followed.

There were a total of 14 entries in this year’s Awitenista.

Before the big announcement, the audience was thrilled by the performance of the contest’s guest judge, the band, Up Dharma Down.

Later, Paolo Lofranco’s Ninanais of the Contemporary category was chosen by the judges – Paolo Sisi, Jad Montenegro Amor and Up Dharma Down.

In an interview with Atenews, Paolo Lofranco said, “When we played our first song, ‘Reason to Live’, ‘di na kami nag-expect kasi marami ring mas maganda ro’n. Kaya do’n sa last song namin, all-out na ‘yung performance.”

Here are the results for this year’s Awitenista:
GRAND CHAMPION – Ninanais by Paolo Lofranco
RELIGIOUS CATEGORY – Reason to Live by Paolo Lofranco
NATIONALISTIC CATEGORY – Kwento Ni Felipe by Nam Sampulna
JAM ATENISTA CATEGORY – Lahat ay Babago by Winnie Priete
CONTEMPORARY CATEGORY – Ninanais by Paolo Lofranco

Kalasag also announced Louie Balili and Dayanarra Dorormal as Mr. and Ms. Photogenic of the 2015 yearbook.

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