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Delegates from the Social Sciences division discuss during the congress' plenary sessions yesterday, Sept. 5. Photo by Mark Louie Balladares

Delegates from the Social Sciences division discuss during the congress’ plenary sessions yesterday, Sept. 5. Photo by Mark Louie Balladares

To achieve policies about environmental issues with special considerations on fields such as business, health, social sciences, technology, engineering and architecture,  the first Ateneo EcoCongress was held last Sept 2-5 at the University’s Finster Auditorium.

The event started with “Pangako Sa’Yo: An Environmental Pledge”, with delegates taking their oaths. The said event included a talk entitled “Youth Asserting for the environment” by Percival Cendeña, the National Youth Commissioner representing Luzon.

“In the National Youth Commission (NYC), we do not see pasaway as something necessarily negative kasi being pasaway is asserting — being pasaway is an expression of hope,” Cendeña encouraged the participants.

“I hope that tomorrow you have ‘pasaway’ as your inspiration because in being pasaway, you might actually find meaningful solutions to environmental problems that we have today.”

Last Aug. 31, the said congress was launched at the Xavier Hall, Community Center. Some officers were also elected.

Speakers present in the launching included Atty. Alexis Lumbatan from the City Vice-Mayor’s Office, Pinag-isang Lakas ng Samahan ng Progresibong Atenista (PIGLASAPAT) Moderator Michael Casas, Ecoteneo President Dan Manacop, National Youth Commission Rep. Julius Gutierrez, and former SAMAHAN President Aldwin Chester Dumago.

The congress, with the slogan, “Forging towards a better home,” was said to be established “in response to Laudato Si: Our Common Home,” an encyclical by Pope Francis.

Last Sept. 4, the congress went through a drafting of their resolution, and yesterday, Sept. 5, plenary sessions and a turnover ceremony was held.

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The congress was composed of 99 chosen delegates out of 178 college applicants from the University. It comprised five committees. The committees are made for the said fields.

However, the planning for the congress was said to have insufficient time.

“Maganda yung thought na nagkaroon ng congress. If only nagkaroon lang ng mahaba-habang time,” Vice-chairperson for the Committee on Environment and Social Sciences Karlo Alexie Puerto said.

“Yun lang, nagkaproblema sa implementation kasi kulang yung time.”

The said congress was crafted by PIGLASAPAT and sponsored by the NYC, Climate Change Commission (CCC), United States Agency on International Aid (USAID), and the University Community Engagement and Advocacy Council (UCEAC).

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