November 21, 2017 (1:49 PM)

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Singers from the Hangad Music Industry and SubDominant 7 perrformed during the event. Photo by Matthew Torro


For the benefit of Madaris Volunteer Program, music artists staged a fundraising concert last Nov. 18 evening at the Assumption Chapel, Ateneo de Davao University.

The concert was organized by the assistant to the president for the University music, Fr. Charlie Cenzon, and sponsored by the Office of the University President. It featured the Quezon City-based Christian ensemble Hangad Music Ministry, university’s chapel choir SubDominant7, and Jay Gomez.

The cause was intended to support the activities initiated by the volunteers of Madaris program, a collaborative initiative of AdDU which caters to students from underprivileged communities. The program has 12 partner madaris (Islamic schools) in Cotabato City, Lamitan City, and Maguindanao province.

“Having this concert, kahit konti lang, we can raise some fund to finance those activities. Actually we have so many activities in line and ‘yung ma-raraise dito can really help those activities,” Vinci Bueza, lead coordinator of the program, said.

During the event, Althea Esmael, project coordinator of the University’s Salaam Movement, became emotional as she gave a speech.

“I looked back sa time na pumasok ako sa Ateneo. The very first thing na ma-remember ko is my very fear that time is, because it’s a Catholic school and lumaki ako sa isang Moro area and puro Muslims nakapalibot sa akin.

“I really felt kanina, while I was speaking, na parang after all these years I have nothing to say to Ateneo but thank you. Thank you for accepting us,” Esmael told Atenews during an interview.

Overall, people at the concert enjoyed the entire performance.

“I was reminded na we should be channels of wisdom,” Lizette Barsomo shared her experience of the concert.

One of the performers of Hangad Music Ministry, Julius Oliveros, said how wonderful the event was.

“Ang saya-sayang kumanta lalo na being in Davao [City] is my first time here, and as well as singing with subdominant 7, they’re very good. They sang very well. Ang sarap-sarap na nakasama namin silang kumanta. Also to be able to serve and to sing for everyone here is a great honor for all of us,” Oliveros said.

Merchandise such as music albums of Hangad Music Ministry was displayed outside the chapel for sale.

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